Lifetime Learning Academy for Math, Science & English ℠ provides personalized one-on-one tutoring, enrichment, and test prep for students from age three to adult at our facilities in Cary and Holly Springs, NC. It offers highly flexible programs and schedules supporting year round academics, in addition to special track out and summer programs in:

  • Mathematics from pre-K to AP calculus and statistics
  • Science (chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science) to AP
  • English (phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, handwriting, writing) from pre-K to AP
  • Civics, history, Spanish, robotics, keyboarding, study skills and more
  • Homework help
  • Test preparation (SAT, ACT, AP, EOC/EOG, ASVAB, ISEE & more)

Since its founding, Lifetime Learning Academy has earned a reputation for personalized support and caring commitment to each student. Formerly known as the WHIZard Academy for Mathematics and English, the first Academy opened in Cary in February 2007. A second location opened in Holly Springs in January 2011.  The teacher/tutors are current and retired certified teachers and degreed professionals in their field, skilled in developing and motivating students. Each Lifetime Learning Academy is designed to be a quiet, distraction-free library, where each student has an individual private study station. Extensive curricular materials complement each student’s local schoolwork. The Academy is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned the highest A+ rating.

Lifetime Learning Academy also supports Wake County education through active participation in the Cary and Holly Springs Chambers of Commerce, by direct school donations, on top of free seminars such as The College Quest Guide. In addition, Rosemary and Tom presents teacher award each month at schools in Cary.

Our Mission

At Lifetime Learning Academy, we believe that every student can succeed academically. We value each student as an individual, and recognize that each has his or her own unique learning style and strengths. Accordingly, we personalize our teaching through direct, differentiated, one-on-one instruction. We strive to be the “good academic coach” who motivates, teaches, and gently persuades/pushes each student to practice and improve each day. We focus on building strong long-term fundamentals, as well as making good grades on the next quiz and homework assignment.

By increasing understanding and skills, we help students of all ages and abilities grow in knowledge and confidence for a lifetime of learning and leadership.