Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Lifetime Learning Academy℠ wants you to feel comfortable trusting us with your child’s academic advancement. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions received from parents and students. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What ages and subjects do you teach?


A: We provide personalized, one-to-one tutoring, enrichment, and test preparation for students from age three to adult, from pre-K to college, graduate school, and career. Our most common subjects are math (all levels, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, Common Core I, II, and III, ICM, discrete math, AFM, AP calculus and AP statistics); science (all levels from kindergarten up to and including AP chemistry, physics, biology, and environmental/earth sciences); English language arts (all levels from kindergarten up, including phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, handwriting, structured writing, spelling, grammar); Spanish (beginning and intermediary); test prep in ACT, SAT, ISEE, ITBS, ASVAB, and COMPASS; and robotics+coding.

What days and time do you teach?


A: During the traditional school year (September to mid-June), we typically teach after school Monday through Thursday from 4 – 8:45 pm; Saturday mornings from 10 am to 3 pm; and (depending on enrollment) Sunday afternoons from 2:45 – 6:30 pm. During the summer, we teach Monday through Thursday from 10 am-12:30 pm and  4 – 7:30 pm; and Saturdays from 10 am to 1:30 pm. Track out and summer camps are scheduled at other times on other days. Special times can also be scheduled for homeschool students. Please look on our website for our current teaching schedule.

What are your office hours for assessments and meetings?


A: Meetings and assessments are usually scheduled in advance. We can meet with you Monday through Thursday, from around 2 – 7 pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Other days and times are possible by request. We are typically in the office Mondays through Thursdays from 2 – 8 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm. Please leave us voicemail message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Do you close in the summer?

A: No, we teach all year long. All of our programs are offered in the summer to support year-round and enrichment students. We also offer additional summer-only programs.

Do you offer in-home tutoring?


A: No, we provide tutoring only in one of our library centers in Cary and Holly Springs. We believe that a student learns best when he or she is in a quiet, well-stocked library-like setting, away from all the distractions in their home “castle.” Our library centers are well-stocked with supportive curricular materials and copiers/computers/printers to support whatever the student may need each session. Our locations are conveniently located for students coming from Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, and southwest Raleigh.

What do you charge for a pre-enrollment assessment?


A: Our pre-enrollment assessments are always FREE for new students, saving you $50 to $150 when compared to others. We offer each new prospective student one FREE, no obligation assessment in either mathematics or English, or a full-length, proctored and graded SAT, ACT, AP, ISEE, COMPASS or ASVAB practice exam. Assessments must be scheduled ahead, so please call to make an appointment. 

Do I have to take a pre-enrollment assessment?


A: No, we can start teaching without an assessment, if that is your decision. Skipping the assessment is appropriate for immediate homework help or short-term exam prep, or for support for classes that do not rely on prior class knowledge, such beginning high school chemistry. We can use score reports from prior SAT or ACT tests to design and start test preparation. For most math and English classes, however, we do recommend pre-enrollment assessments so our teachers can better customize any review that may be needed for your student.

Do computers teach my student?

A: No. Unlike some tutoring centers, we do NOT use computers as virtual teachers. Our approach is old-fashioned “people, pencil, and paper.” Yes, we have Apple iMac computers, iPads, networked printers and copiers, Wi-Fi, etc. that our teachers use to supplement direct instruction to each student. Under our supervision, students can use our network and our (or their) computers/printers to work on school assignments that require Internet access.

What are the qualifications of your teacher/tutors?

A: Our teacher/tutors are current, former, and retired certified teachers or highly educated experts in the fields of math, English and science. We do not employ high school students to tutor. All are fully trained in the Lifetime Learning Academy academic material and methodologies, and have been certified with an assessment in their area of competency.

What is your learning environment like?


A: Each Lifetime Learning Academy is custom designed as a quiet, distraction-free, well-stocked library.  Each student studies in an individual private study station.  All students receive differentiated direct instruction, accentuated with positive reinforcement. We eliminate distractions and peer pressure, allowing each student to focus on improving his or her skills and growing confidence.

What curricular materials do you use?


A: Our instructional materials are designed to complement the classroom material of Wake County public, charter, and private schools. We ask each student to bring homework and classroom material to each lesson, so we can stay aligned with his or her classroom teacher. Our teacher/tutors use their skills and experience to identify the best materials to complement classwork and encourage learning. We do NOT use a uniform national curriculum, as do some tutoring centers. Nor do we only teach from a student’s class textbook/handouts (if they have any), as do some in-home or private tutors. We constantly invest in the most up-to-date, relevant teaching materials that align with North Carolina and Wake County classrooms. For example, for most WCPSS math classes, we provide each student with the grade-appropriate Houghton Mifflin Harcourt On Core math skills book. Our library centers are well stocked with printed workbooks and teaching materials, and we subscribe to the best online teacher resource sites for supplemental materials.

How long is each teaching session?


A: Each teaching session is 60 minutes long. We build a 15-minute break between each teaching session, so our teachers can work a full hour with each student. Most other tutoring centers only teach 45 or 50 minutes in each session, as they do not allow time between sessions for teacher setup. Students have the option to schedule two sequential sessions, each 60 minutes long. This works well for SAT or ACT test prep or when a student needs support in more than one subject in one visit.

How flexible is your scheduling?


A: We believe our scheduling is the most flexible available. We offer call-ahead, space-available support, as well as reserved ongoing scheduling. Most students benefit from working with the same teacher on the same subject during each visit. Thus we recommend a standing schedule that fits the student and family calendar. We accommodate families that must change schedules due to uncertain school/sports schedules, etc. You can put your program “on hold” during track out or over the summer, and restart with a new schedule when you are ready to return.

What if my student misses a session?

A: With 24-hour advance notice, any teaching lesson can be canceled with NO cost or penalty of any kind, and we never charge for a missed lesson due to family emergency or illness, even if advanced notice is not possible. Lessons can be made up anytime.

Can you help my student struggling with low grades?


A: We regularly help students who are struggling in one or more of their classes. We provide free assessments in math and English to pinpoint any weaknesses in foundational knowledge needed for their current classes. We custom design supplemental programs that include both remedial teaching to rebuild the foundation as well as timely support for current class assignments and exams. It takes time and effort to turn around a struggling student, but working with you and your student, we have a proven track record of doing just that for students at all grade levels.

Do you offer short-term homework help or exam prep?


A: Yes, we offer short-term help with homework or preparation for a specific exam, such as EOC or EOG final exams.  No pre-enrollment assessment is needed. The smallest program is only five (5) lessons, which can be scheduled on a same day, as needed, space-available basis.

What results can I expect?


A: Most students improve one full grade level after 20 to 40 lessons. This, of course, is dependent on the student’s regular attendance, completion of assignments, and work ethic. Our qualified tutors will assist in all aspects of tutoring in order to improve the student’s skills, confidence, and grades.

How much improvement will we see in ACT or SAT scores?


A: Score increases vary by student, based primarily on the number of prep lessons they take, their starting scores, and whether they complete the homework we assign. There are no “cheat codes” or quick tricks to double scores. But our typical goal is at least a 10-15% score increase, and we often achieve 20% or more.

Do you offer a free trial?


A: We offer a risk-free trial to any new student that enrolls in at least a 30-lesson program. After two lessons within the first two weeks of enrollment, a student can cancel for any reason and receive a full refund.

Do you offer a guarantee?


A: We are committed to helping your student succeed academically. If your student does not improve one grade level after 40 lessons with us, we will provide up to 10 additional lessons at no cost to you, provided your student consistently attends all scheduled lessons and completes our assigned homework. 

Do you work with gifted students and those that always make excellent grades?


A: Yes, we regularly design custom enrichment programs for gifted and high-achieving students of all ages. Gifted students need to be challenged with more difficult and/or advanced curriculum because they are bored with classroom instruction designed for the average student. We assess each student to determine individual strengths and correct teaching levels to challenge and boost knowledge. For example, we regularly provide ACT and SAT prep to students as young as seventh grade. Each summer we start teaching AP calculus to advanced students so that they make A+s from the first day of class. Our pre-K academic enrichment programs promote reading by students as young as three (3) years old. Our robotics camps teach coding to students from fourth grade. Just as the greatest athletes and musicians work with coaches/teachers to grow to be superstars, we work above grade level with high-achieving students to ensure outstanding lifetime achievement and leadership.

Do you provide programs for special needs children?


A: Yes, we provide flexible and effective academic support for many students with special needs and moderate learning disabilities. Our individualized learning stations provide a distraction- and stress-free environment that enables such students to focus and concentrate. We have closed private teaching rooms that we use when appropriate. Some of our teachers have advanced degrees and decades of experience working with students with special needs. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the specific needs of your child.

How much do you charge for your teaching services?

A: We offer our teaching services in custom programs of five or more lessons. Each lesson is a full 60 minutes in duration. The more lessons in a committed program, the larger the volume discount per lesson will be. Our most popular programs cost between $47 and $50 per 60-minute lesson of structured, one-on-one teaching. Prices do NOT vary by grade level or subject, and any member of a family can use a lesson in their program. Thus, a family can obtain a much lower hourly price by combining the academic needs of all their students into a single, shared family program.

Do I have to commit to a big long-term program?


A: No, you do not have to commit to a big program. Our programs can be any size, starting as small as five 60-minute lessons, scheduled on an as needed basis. You can choose to purchase one or more small programs if you do not want to make a larger commitment, though the per lesson price is lower with larger programs.

Do I have to use my lessons within one semester or by the end of school?


A: Our programs allow up to 12 months after your final tuition payment to complete your lessons. You do not need to rush to schedule a makeup lesson; you can suspend your lessons and restart at a later date, even for a different subject at a different grade level. We work with you to ensure that your student receives every lesson you pay for.

What payment options do you offer?


A: Teaching programs can be prepaid or broken down into regular monthly tuition payments. The number of monthly tuition payments must match the expected duration of your program, and the first monthly payment is due at the time of enrollment before the first lesson. Monthly tuition payments continue whether or not your student attends some or all the lessons any month. The monthly tuition payments are to pay off the lesson package. Monthly tuition payments are analogous to monthly car payments, independent of how many miles you drive any month.

Do you take credit cards?


A: Yes, you may pay with credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, as well as check or cash.