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Personalized, Caring 1-on-1 Support


Rosemary, Tom and the tutors take the time to really understand and get to know your child, and what he needs to succeed! They work on what you, the parent, see as your child’s needs. It is not one size fits all.  And the tutors and owners always keep you up to date, encourage your involvement, and want to know your concerns. Dana D.

I love my son’s tutor. She is attentive, understands and tailors the tutoring to his needs. If I have any questions or concerns I can always call Rosemary. She is a wealth of information and is so supportive. Ila L.

They are so patient; they care. They communicate with our daughter’s math teacher to keep up with what she is learning; great communications. They talk to us all the time, so we know how she is doing and the progress she is making. Neddy L.

You can tell Tom & Rosemary care. To them, it’s not a business; it’s a calling. They love it! It rubs off on the kids. My daughter loves going, that’s half the battle. Gary L.

There are other tutoring centers around me; however, when I spoke to Rosemary, she focused on my daughter. She talked with her, showed so much patience. She took the time to get to know my child, to understand her needs and my concerns. Their patience, professionalism and understanding of how to get through to children with special needs are remarkable, just remarkable. Beatriz S.


Raising Understanding, Grades and Confidence


They taught her in a way she could understand, where she could ask questions and her tutor would work with her. She could also bring in her homework and they would go over it. She went from C’s in chemistry and math to high B’s and A’s. They are the best. Barbara B

When I first came to Lifetime Learning Academy I was not great in math. They helped me improve my grade. I have more confidence. I like going there. Sabrina L.

My son went from below reading grade level to reading on grade level. He received an award from his school for his improvement in reading. Just as importantly, both his ability to grasp new ideas and his attention span have improved greatly. Because of the great improvement I saw in his reading, I enrolled him at the Academy for math as well. Ila L.

Thanks to Lifetime Learning Academy, within a few months my daughter not only understands her math calculations, but the reasoning needed for each problem! Beatriz S.

Thanks to the Academy I was able to pass Algebra II, and now I feel great about my upcoming chemistry exam. All the studying and work I have done really has helped.  Michael H.

Ms. Rosemary has a big heart and is great with my son.  I feel like the Academy has become my son’s second home. My 3 year old is reading and writing! We love you! Leslie K.

This place is great! I understand how to write much better than before. The program helped fill in the gaps in my writing, punctuation and grammar. Bill F.

I really learned a lot! So far, I have gotten A’s and B’s on every one of my math tests. Sylvia K.

You did a great job helping my son raise his grade to a B and pass the EOC exam. Thank you for creating a custom tutoring plan; it was a great help! Marcus W.

My SAT scores improved from 1300 to 1950, and I got accepted to the college that I really wanted to go to. Thanks so much. Kristina B.

Thank you for helping my daughter raise her ACT composite score from 27 to 30, and her math and science scores from 25 to 31! She is now on target for her dream school. Melissa L.

The Academy was a great help to my daughter in reaching her goals. She has been admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill. She is graduating early from high school and is volunteering for 3 months at an elementary school in Costa Rica. Thanks for all your help. Mary B.

What I liked best is how Lifetime Learning Academy built our son’s confidence. He is now in college and brought that confidence with him in how he takes on college and life. Dana D.

By increasing understanding and skills, we help students of all ages and abilities grow in knowledge and confidence for a lifetime of learning and leadership.

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